March for Meals gets help from Mayor

March 16, 2017


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Each year, Meals on Wheels providers across Ontario participate in March for Meals, an annual event to increase awareness of and community engagement with local Meals On Wheels providers across North America.

During this month, programs invited their local mayor or other elected officials to speak out for seniors and people with disabilities and raise awareness for the power of Meals on Wheels.

In Saugeen Shores the March for Meals celebration will feature Mayor Mike Smith as he joins one of our regular Southampton volunteers on a delivery route to distribute meals. Meals are prepared by Harrigan’s Food Market and are delivered at approximately noon, 5 days of the week. The cost of the delivered Meals is $8.50.

In a typical year, Home and Community Support Services volunteers deliver over 21,000 Hot Meals on Wheels in 15 communities in Grey Bruce. In 2016, 89 volunteers in Saugeen Shores​ assisted with the delivery of 1085 meals to 18 clients.

Meals on Wheels is more Than Just A Meal

Meals on Wheels programs offer many benefits.

● Access to well-balanced, affordable meals is imperative to the independence and sustenance of isolated seniors and individuals with disabilities.

● Research shows that healthy eating provides essential energy and nutrients for general welfare and maintenance of health and functional autonomy, and reduces the risk of chronic diseases at older ages.

● The benefits of Meals on Wheels are emotional and psychological, as well as physical. Sometimes, a friendly Meals on Wheels volunteer may be the only person a client interacts with in a given day.

● Meals on Wheels volunteers perform a valuable security check for isolated clients, and can notify the proper authorities in the case of accident or injury.

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Please take a moment to learn more about your local Meals on Wheels program. This is a great time to become one of our wonderful volunteers, to make a donation, or to call to receive meals delivered to your door.

Home and Community Support Services of Grey Bruce delivers a variety of support programs. In addition to Hot Meals on Wheels, Frozen Meals on Wheels are also available throughout Grey Bruce. Dining Club programs are also offered in Hanover and Markdale.

For more information, visit:
or www.homecommunitysupport.com

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Thursday, March 16, 2017