Reader agrees to no cycling around Fairy Lake

March 23, 2017


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To the Editor:

Re:  Cargill Library

An excellent decision.  Libraries are a life blood to small communities and should  always serve the smaller communities. Costs should be shared by all and even if there are fewer users, their needs should be met.

Often a volunteer, retired Senior or young student (high school students need 40 hours volunteer service), can assist the paid personnel giving someone an opportunity and purpose to serve others.

I attend a rug hooking afternoon on Tuesdays where the library is offered to our group free of charge. We do contribute donations to show our appreciation but one of the perks the library has had is the increased traffic to see what we do.  It is similar to the quilting bees where community gathers and all are welcome.

Congratulations to the library board for their decision to expand the hours of the Cargill Branch. 

Anne Holman

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To the Editor:

I agree, a bike stand so cyclists can walk around Fairy Lake.

Penny Inkster

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Thursday, March 23, 2017