Fairy Lake 'completely not suitable for cycling'

March 20, 20917



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To the Editor: 

My wife and I reside close by to Fairy Lake, we are both regular walkers, myself I cycle daily, weather permitting from Spring to Fall.

Our walks at times will take us through Fairy Lake, my cycling routes never take me through this area, it is not suitable or safe for cycling.

There is no drainage for the pathway, which after a rainfall becomes wet and greasy and unsafe for cycling. The  pathway itself twists and turns with several gradients with no straight runs longer that 50 meters.

The three Southampton councilors have all shown their local knowledge of the Fairy Lake area, they all agree that it is not suitable for cycling.

Some of the Port Elgin councilors appear to support cycling on a pathway around a lake that is approximately 300 meters by 200 meters in area, as long as there is signage, indicating share the pathway, dismount and walk, reduce your speed.        

As far as the comment, bike friendly community, Fairy Lake is about a kilometer away and on the opposite of 21 highway from the Northern end of the existing rail trail.        

My suggestion is to install a decent bike stand at the High Street entrance, let the riders walk slowly around the lake and enjoy the environment.   Have a nice day  

Allan Murray


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Monday, March 20, 2017