The Slippery Road of Denial


written for Canadian Community News by Mike Sterling

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Can anyone remember a public figure that lies more than Donald Trump?

This is a habit.  It's an affliction and may be pathological.  We can define it with synonyms:

compulsive, obsessive, inveterate, habitual, persistent, chronic, hardened, confirmed

Trump has three hero's. 


Trump's first model was his deceased brother, whom he adored.  His brother had a troubled life and died of alcoholism.  All the while he warned Donald to stay clear of it.  Trump took the advice, but the memory of Freddie bothered him according to a NY Times Article.

His Father:

Trump's father was a successful landlord and real estate developer in Queens and New York City.  He was Donald Trump's business model and not a good one as he was involved in many controversies and large law suits. 

Roy Cohn:

Donald Trump, urged on by a notorious  lawyer sued the US Government in their most famous law suit for $100,000,000. 

The government charged them with civil rights discrimination.  The Trumps lost, but Donald acquired his tactics from the famous lawyer of Joseph McCarthy fame Roy Cohn

Cohn advocated offense and strength.  He urged attack, attack, attack... never show weakness, never!!  Deny, Deny, Deny ...

If you want to understand the very strange Donald Trump, concentrate on his brother, father and the bizarre career of Roy Cohn.

Trump's slippery road was designed by Roy Cohn.  Read his excellent biography by ordering from Amazon.com.  Click Here

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Monday, March 20, 2017