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Did you get your flu shots?


Yes or No?








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In this survey there were an inordinate number of multiple votes with a comment that indicated anger and/or frustration.  We counted only one vote whether No or Yes. 

 Multiple voting .... hmmmm.  You can express your opinion easily in the comments without trying to influence the vote one way or another.  Most people just vote and don't comment.


4 in our family and we get the flu shot every year

Definately....a must each year; but by Christmas day had to go to ER..had bad cough  etc and thought 'flu ...turned out WHOOPING COUGH!Apparantly many seniors in area have it! Seniors need booster to try and avoid.Says the Doc in ER! TMITH

Don't believe in these.

Haven't had one for 18 years...and have never had the flu. Why bother?

Hope it helped a bit as am in the middle of this terrible flu and understand that the shot at least lessens some of the more severe symptoms.

I am a senior who has never had a flu shot in my life nor the flu for many many years

I can't because I'm alergic to eggs...

I go to a chiropractor and it boosts my immune system.

I have been getting annual flu shots ever since the Govt began the progrm.

I like to submit to pain!

I was too sick with the flu for several weeks to risk taking the shot! 

I'm "flueless!"

irresponsible not to.

Just a big hype.

My opinion is this.  I got the flu shot once.  That year, I got the flu four times.  I was so sick that I had to go to emerg each time.  Never again.  I think they are stupid and don't help anybody and are a big huge waste of money!  This is my opinion.

No, wish I had

The controversy around the ingredients of the flu shot make me wary about getting it.

The first time I got the Flu shot was my last.  I was sick with a variety of colds all that entire winter.

You'd be silly not to, and would risk carrying the flu to the young and elderly.









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Monday, February 04, 2013