A Demagogue of the Past


written for Canadian Community News by Mike Sterling

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The United States has had demagogues enter their political system and cause havoc.  It's nothing new.

A Demagogue is a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.

Huey Long was such a person and so was William Jennings Bryant

The Dying Roy Cohn

Now we have the era of Donald Trump, but there was a famous one who is tied to Trump in a strange way.  He was Roy Cohn said to be the blueprint for what makes Donald tick.

(L-R) A young Donald Trump, Former NY Mayor Ed Koch and Trump's mentor Roy Cohn

Cohn taught Trump to never admit anything and to be on the attack at all times.  J. Edgar Hoover and the NY power set were influenced by Cohn, but Cohn's real master work is Donald Trump.

Senator Joseph McCarthy

The background of Cohn is well known.  He was truly a sinister person as was his own Mentor the notorious Senator from Wisconsin, Joseph McCarthy.

The Cohn-McCarthy relationship and its smell of evil played out on Television day in and day out in the mid-1950s.  It is the most fantastic drama.  It is simply fascinating.

The story was spiced by McCarthy's obsession with Communism in government and the military.  He saw red everywhere.

We have a microcosm of all this when a clever, folksy New England Lawyer finally starts the downfall of McCarthy.

G. David Schine "The Private"

It all takes place under the guise of influence peddling.  McCarthy's staff had a young man on it who was drafted.  He was a private.  His name was G. David Schine. 

McCarthy-Cohn tried to get him commissioned as an officer and released from duty to again work on their staff.  The Army was pushed to give him all sorts of privileges. The Army was outraged and vetoed most of them.

This led to McCarthy-Cohn trying to smear the Armed forces as being full of Communists.  A full scale war between the darks side and the army broke out.


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This handsome young private was a close friend of Cohn, who was fond of him. 

The real heroes fighting the Demagogue McCarthy and the touch of evil Svengali Roy Cohn have not faded from memory.

The New England Lawyer Joseph Welch

One hero of all this was Joseph Welch  He was the perfect foil for McCarthy.  It could not have been better to have Jimmy Stewart playing Welch.

Strangely Welch played a judge in Otto Preminger's Anatomy of a Murder, starring the great Jimmy Steward as a Michigan Upper Peninsula lawyer.

Welch, with his country ways, tore the dark and foreboding McCarthy-Cohn duo apart and it signaled the beginning of the end of McCarthyism.

As grandfatherly and powerful a lawyer as Welch was, he was supported by the patrician senator Stewart Symington, who foiled the crude McCarthy.  Anger boiled out of McCarthy as a hearing ended and he was left raving his threats as those attending treated him like a mad man.

With the above in mind take the time to watch the excellent documentary on the McCarthy-Army hearings and take a close look at a Demagogue. McCarthy was exposed, as was his his evil cohort Roy Cohn.

Like some of things that Trump does, you can't write a more bizarre story.

So, sit back and relax for 1:36:46 of the Downfall of a Demagogue Click Here.  We've made it appear in a large window.


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