Here's the Thing" by author Barbara Bingham
by Sandy Lindsay

April 6, 2017


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Author Barbara Bingham reads to an appreciative group

Author Barbara Bingham read from her first book, 'Here's the Thing' at Southampton Library on Tuesday, April 4th.

Filled with short stories and poems, Bingham views the world in a different way, often comparing nature's surroundings and activities to those of humans.

With words, she eloquently creates pictures for the listener and the reader.  From the beauty of a giant spider web gleaming silver in sunlight to personifying Mother Nature in her winter coat and all the ways of looking at snow, the reader is drawn into each scene.

A painter and photographer, Bingham only recently began writing in earnest and now it appears that she can't stop.  "Stories seem to be channeling through me," she says. "I look around me and almost everything begins to become a story."

One of those stories is based on that old saying that many mothers have said to a 'wounded' child, "Let me kiss it better".  The story in Bingham's mind was of an Irish mother and her son ... a poignant story that she has no idea where it came from.   

 "I've already ideas for my next book.  I encourage anyone to sit down and simply start writing and don't compare yourself to anyone else," advises Bingham.

 Bingham will continue her author's tour with four more readings throughout the area's public libraries (see poster for dates and locations).

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'Here's the Thing' is available at Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre or at barbarabingham3@gmail.com

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