Feast for the Eyes now at Southampton Art Gallery
by Sandy Lindsay

April 10, 2017

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Ellen Park Award for Still Life
"Towel Boy"
by Paul Mondoux

Art Appreciation Award for Abstract
by Karen Botting

Juror's Choice
"New Era Warrior"
by J
ulie Bremner

It really is a visual feast at Southampton Art Gallery with the opening of the annual Feast for the Eyes juried art exhibit.

At the Opening Gala held Thursday (Apr.6/17), the winners in various categories were announced and, for some, it was a first time entering a juried art show.

The works that range from paintings to mixed medium and photography to carving were judged by artist Sharon Barfoot and Paul Schendle in nine categories.

"We looked at several criteria," said Barfoot, "that included technical skill, knowledge of the subject and if it engages or connects with the viewer."

"We also wanted to encourage the artists," added Schendle. "The submissions are fabulous this year and it was a difficult task to do the judging."

 Blooming Brilliance Award to Secondary Student

recipient  Bella Brough

(Jasmine Brough (L) accepts for her sister from Gail Slinger)



Excellence in Fine Craft

Maple Vessel
Presented by Jenny Amy of Southampton Rotary to recipient  Andrew Vereecke

Excellence in Photography Award

Valerie Cargo (L) presents award to Elizabeth Cartier

Courage of Your Conviction Award
in memory of Jane Champagne
"Content to be Who I Am"
Sophie Champagne in memory of her mother Jane Champagne (L) presents to artist
Tania Klimasko-Hoffman

Juror's Choice
Sharon Barfoot (L) presents to Emily Bremner accepting for artist sister, Julie Bremner

"New Era Warrior"
(photo above)

Artist Sharon Barfoot who sponsored the Juror's Choice Award said that the 'New Era Warrior' photograph is "remarkable".  "It is very Zen-like ... simple yet elegant," said Barfoot. "It immediately drew me in and the light is simply amazing."

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Ellen Park Still Life Award
(L) Dave Park presents award to Paul Mondoux for "Towel Boy"
(photo above)

Al Downs Award in Mixed Media & Printing

"Field Book 'Hawk Language'
Peri Jolley (L) presents to recipient Jenny Iserman

Art Appreciation in Abstract Award
Mike Hills presents award to artist Karen Botting

(photo above)

First Time in Show Award

"Red Boat"

Pat O'Connor presents to recipient Barbara Hicks

Best in Show Award(s)
A Tie

"Content with Who I Am" by Tania Klimasko-Hoffman
presented by Paul Schendel
"Field Book 'Hawk Language" by Jenny Iserman (R) presented by Sharon Barfoot

"This is the Art Gallery's 60th Anniversary," says April Patry, Executive Director, "and we have many exciting things planned throughout the year, including a special exhibit of Bert Henderson's work.  Henderson, who painted with the Group of Seven, was the founder of the Southampton Art Gallery & School in 1957."

Feast for the Eyes runs through April and the Gallery is open Wednesday - Sunday from 10a.m. to 5p.m.

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Monday, April 10, 2017