Mass elementary school band learns new techniques
by Sandy Lindsay
April 8, 27


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Saugeen Shores' elementary and secondary school bands had the opportunity to play together in a five-school mass band on Thursday, April 6th, under the direction of well-known conductor-composer David Marlatt.

The Family of Schools music Day included student musicians from G. C. Huston Public School in Southampton, Northport and Ecole Port Elgin Saugeen Central schools in Port Elgin, Arran-Tara Elementary in Tara and Saugeen Ddistrict Secondary School students.

Composer conductor David Marlatt

With some 200 students, the mass band played one of Marlatt's original compositions, 'Storm Chaser'.  The composition required musicians to not only use their instruments but was also a physical work that required them to use their hands in snapping and their feet in stomping in imitation of storm sounds.

The annual spring music festival season is about to begin so the bands were eager to learn new techniques.

The students listened and learned how to play together under the direction of a conductor.  "Always play for the audience," said Marlatt, "even if you're at a competition.  Never play for just the adjudicator.  Always think that you are playing for an audience."

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