Saugeen Shores Kin Club helps to celebrate Canada's 150th

April 7, 2017


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The Saugeen Shores Celebrates Canada’s 150th committee planning events in Saugeen Shores for Canada’s 150th is excited to announce that through its partnership with the Saugeen Shores Kin Club, an amazing event is coming to Saugeen Shores this summer!

Saugeen Shores Kin Club President Christine Cooper presenting cheque to Saugeen Shores Celebrates Canada’ 150th President Don Matheson for Giant Commemorative Flag project

Get ready to be part of history Saugeen Shores! The Saugeen Shores Kin Club recently donated the necessary funds to the Saugeen Shores Celebrates committee to purchase a specialty GIANT commemorative Canadian flag which features a white signature border. This border allows members of the public to sign the flag borders without disrespecting or damaging the Canadian Flag. The commemorative flag will be flown on both July 1st and 2nd after being paraded through Saugeen Shores and being raised on July 1st as part of the Canada Day Ceremonies.

"The Saugeen Shores Kin Club is proud to partner with the Saugeen Shores Celebrates Canada’s 150th committee for this grand event, to be held on July 1st this year," says Christine Cooper, President of Saugeen Shores Kin Club. "The flags white borders, before being sewn onto the giant 25 x 50 foot flag will be brought, by Saugeen Shores Kin Club representatives, to all of the local Saugeen Shores schools and seniors centers, and to other  'signature' community events for the public to add their names and be part of our local history."

More details about the signings will be available soon.

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Don Matheson, Chair Person of the Saugeen Shores Celebrates Canada’s 150th Committee said, "I’m excited to be part of the amazing community events that are planned for Saugeen Shores Celebrates this summer. It is amazing to see how the community is coming together to create special projects like this giant commemorative flag that Saugeen Shores Kin Club has brought to the 150th committee."

Matheson went on to say, "We are really looking forward to sharing with the community the rest of our planned activities soon, so stay tuned for more updates!"


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Friday, April 07, 2017