Volunteer opportunities with Community Watch
by Kent Milroy
Community Watch Program Co-ordinator

April 6, 2017


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Spring is upon us once again, and while beach weather may simply still be a dream, preparations for the upcoming summer visitor season are already underway. Various community programs start early to implement their activities, and Saugeen Shores Community Watch is just one of them.

Community Watch is a community-based support organization associated with the Saugeen Shores Police Service, and provides patrol services within our towns on weekend evenings during the busy summer season.

Our members serve their community by providing anonymous patrols, relaying pertinent information to our police officers, and essentially providing them with extra sets of eyes and ears in their efforts to maintain safety and security for our communities. At no time is any enforcement action or public contact initiated, and volunteers are never placed in any form of danger in any way. It is simply a program to “observe and report” incidents and conditions which may require police intervention.

This program has a proven record of being vital to our community and, for a number of years now, has provided significant support to our police service.

Our volunteers provide many volunteer hours of patrol that otherwise would never be possible for our officers. This effort is enjoyable, allows you to meet great, new people and to get to know your community intimately. Patrol hours are scheduled at your convenience. Our members also get an intriguing look into how our municipal police service functions to protect us. Our people are a great cross-section of community-minded citizens who care about what happens in our hometowns.

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We would love to have you join us! While a Police Records check is required, the other requirements are pretty simple – the ability to enjoy yourself while providing a vital community service. I would encourage you to call us, and allow us to provide you with information on our program. We are anxious to bring qualified and interested people like you on board with us!

Please call or visit the Police Station at the Municipal Complex, or call Chief of Police Dan Rivett at 519-832-9200, or Kent Milroy, Program Co-ordinator, at 519-389-5031.

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