Community Update for April 2017
by Fred Kuntz

April 6, 2017


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April showers bring May flowers. Following is a spring bouquet of updates from Ontario Power Generation’s recent activities and initiatives in Bruce County.  

Fred Kuntz

Year of accomplishment: OPG’s Nuclear Waste Management division posts quarterly reports online, to let the public know its performance on safety, the environment, operations and community activities. The Q4 2016 report has now been published at. Highlights for 2016 include zero rates for injuries, spills or transportation accidents – a continuation of multiple years of excellent safety and environmental performance.

Progress on the DGR: Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has received a request from the Canadian Environment Assessment Agency (CEAA), dated April 5, to provide additional information regarding its proposed Deep Geologic Repository (DGR) for low- and intermediate-level nuclear waste.

The information being requested relates mainly to questions of clarification, elaboration and some additional analysis on a few key elements of the project. This includes:

  • Further description of the differences among three potential locations (the proposed location at the Bruce site and the two alternate locations that were studied in 2016), based on various technical, environmental or other criteria.

  • Further analysis of potential cumulative effects of two repositories (OPG’s DGR and a separate facility being explored by NWMO for used fuel), if they were to be located in the same region.

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To date, OPG has responded to 585 requests for additional information; the additional 23 requests bring the total to 608.

(For more information on the DGR approvals process and next steps, please see the  Backgrounder document.)

Watching the Hearing: 

Next week, on Wednesday, April 12, OPG appears before the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), in Ottawa, for a hearing on its application for a 10-year renewal of its licence to operate the Western Waste Management Facility, at the Bruce site.

For information on how to watch the hearing live online, visit the CNSC website .

Did you know? OPG supports biodiversity projects across Ontario. For example, OPG and its conservation partners have planted more than 6.5 million trees and shrubs on 3,000 hectares of land since 2000.  In the past three years, OPG’s Regional Biodiversity Program has created, enhanced or restored more than 175 hectares of wetlands and wildlife habitats.

Fred Kuntz Manager, 
Corporate Relations and Communications
Bruce County fred.kuntz@opg.com 
(T) 519-361-6414 ext. 3456 

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