P.A.R.C. 55+ News
by Tim Hotchkiss

April 6, 2017


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Report on Monday afternoon game time: 

We had a good crowd out in spite of the fact that there are still a lot away to their winter hideaways. 

Cribbage players had a great time although there were only two tables of four playing.  The results were that Nellie Perry was the big time low winner with 14.  Hedy Przybylski, who is usually a low winner, got the high this time with 109.      

There was really a big number out for contract bridge because there were no beginner lessons.  They joined the regular players so there were five tables of four.  There was the regular competitive bidding but the scores were modest. 

The top score was made by a very competitive player, Aubrey Christie, who was teaching us how to win with poor cards, which many were complaining about getting.  He obtained a modest 2990.  The cards must have been poor because one of our talented and very competitive players, Jettie Swaters, got a very modest  2520. 

Congratulations though, dear folks, for continuing to play well with poor cards.  We hope to see you all again next Monday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. in the Rotary Hall of the Port Elgin Plex


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Thursday, April 06, 2017