Reader has more questions about a proposed swimming pool

April 10, 2017


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To the Editor:

I have several questions about a new swimming pool.

As a new resident to Saugeen Shores, the Winterhawks and MINOR hockey, the 3 on 3 and figure skating have been the only ones to use the facilities in the winter. 

What happens when the ice comes out?

 Where are you going to get the funds to pay for non- usage in the spring or summer months? Southampton has been left out again!

There are other ways to make a new arena work.  Examples are Clinton, Allison and Hanover.  Orangeville has a twin pad a swimming pool and a restaurant along with a meeting room, dog show and other events such as Rib Fest ( all at one location).

Councillor Matheson is correct. Saugeen Shores is more than Port Elgin..Considering the growing population and the new families coming to the community, a better future for Saugeen Shores residents should have been given more than a quick fix

Thomas Kelly.

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Monday, April 10, 2017