Saugeen Shores Landfill Summer Hours in effect

April 5, 2017

Town Council

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The Saugeen Shores Landfill has started summer hours. During April 1st until October 31st the landfill will be open Monday, Wednesday and Friday – 9am-5pm as well as Saturday 9am-3pm. Town staff also reminds residents/visitors to ensure they secure their load when travelling to the landfill.  

“It’s recommended to use a tarp to secure the load. This prevents debris from littering the roadways or potentially hitting other motorists.” Dar Noble, Public Works Office Administrator said in a news release.  

Hazardous waste days have also been announced in Saugeen Shores. Household hazardous waste will be collected at the Southampton Works Yard – 429 Peel St. Southampton. 2017

Hazardous Waste Days: May 6th 2017 – 8am-1pm
August 12th 2017 – 1pm-4pm
October 21st 2017 9am-12pm


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Wednesday, April 05, 2017