Urban chickens may soon come to Saugeen Shores
by Sandy Lindsay

March 28, 2017

Town Council

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Residents may soon be able to get their eggs fresh every morning if Town Council passes a By-law to allow urban chickens.

There would be a two-year trial period with several restrictions, including allowable lot size, appropriate chicken housing, no roosters, etc.

At the recent Planning meeting held on March 20th, Town Manager of Development Services, Bart Toby, brought forward a staff recommendation that Council authorize a By-law to be prepared to regulate the issue of poultry in urban areas and that would provide specific parameters.

Several municipalities, such as Guelph and Kitchener, now allow chickens in urban areas and others are coming on board with the idea.

At a Council meeting last fall, Katherine Martinko of Port Elgin, spoke passionately about being allowed to have urban chickens and said, that from a health standpoint, fresh eggs are more nutritious and it's a supportive move in the 'buy local' concept.


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Councilor John Rich is supportive of the idea and says that the proposed By-law would give people a chance to take part in their sustainability and give their kids an opportunity to see where their food comes from, reduce insects and pests in the yard and newer Canadians are familiar with having chickens in their environment.

To listen to Rich's views, visit the Town Podcast

The Town is looking for public feedback and Rich said that anyone interested in the topic can contact him at
jrich@saugeenshores.ca or 519-386-9935.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017