Manager of Communications and Media relations expands on MCR project
by Sandy Lindsay

April 11, 2017



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photo by Sandy Lindsay

Bruce Power has begun their billlion dollar ($13B) life-extension program that will continue for several decades and that will have a major impact on surrounding communities.

John Peevers, Manager of Communications & Media Relations, recently was a guest on Saugeen Shores new Podcast and explained the Major Component Replacement (MCR) project and the anticipated impact it will have on the region.

John Peevers

Bruce Power Manager of Communcations & Media Relations

[File Photo]

According to Peevers,  Bruce Power's President and CEO, Mike Rencheck is very big on having suppliers and vendors for the project having an actual presence in surrounding communities and the region.  Several contractors, such as HATCH Engineering, have already opened a main street presence.

The MCR project is expected to last until 2064 which will also create major employment for local young people


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Peevers also said that the Free bus tours of the Bruce Power site will continue again this summer.  This is the fourth year for the tours and they have proven so popular with visitors that they were expanded in 2016.   A Tour schedule will be coming out soon with tours to begin in July.

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