'Way of the Cross' ecumenical walk - a Good Friday tradition
by Sandy Lindsay

April 14, 2017


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The group pauses at the Cenotaph for a moment of prayer

Under bright sunny skies, churches in Saugeen Shores came together on Good Friday morning for the traditional 'Way of the Cross' ecumenical walk.

The procession began at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Southampton with Southampton's United Church transitional-minister, Gerry Hofstetter greeting those who came out.

The walk begins ...

The walk continued down High Street to the Cenotaph where Tolmie/Buyrgoyne Presbyterian Churches' Rev. Chuck Moon offered up a prayer before the group carried on back to the Southampton United Church.

Rev. Gerry Hofstter started the service with a rendition of "The Old Rugged Cross"

Although many were unable to participate in the physical walk, the church was almost full for the ecumenical service that followed.

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Representing the area churches were:

Gerry Hofstetter

Southampton/Mt.Hope United
Bonnie Holliday Port Elgin United
Chuck Moon Tolmie/Burgoyne Presbyterian
Carrie Irwin St. Paul's/St. John's Anglican
Kevin Hart Saugeen Wesley United
Jan Holmes Southampton United

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Friday, April 14, 2017