A GEM weekend at Rowland's Independent Grocer in Port Elgin
by Sandy Lindsay

April 20, 2017


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This weekend is going to be a GEM weekend at Rowland's Your Independent Grocer in Port Elgin.

Volunteers from Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation (SMHF) will be at Rowland’s to share the many ways that people can support keeping health close to home.

The Province does not pay for capital equipment and, with a new Emergency Room expansion opening later this year, equipment is of the utmost importance.  Therefore, the Foundation is working to make donating even easier for anyone and everyone who uses local health services at the Saugeen Memorial Hospital.

 "One easy way to give is through our GEM program”, says Sally Kidson, Foundation Executive Director. "Instead of trying to come up with a 'lump-sum' donation at the end of the year, people can now choose to give small amounts monthly – even $5 or $10/month adds up to make a difference!"

On GEM weekend Saturday (22nd) and Sunday (23rd), there will also be a donation jar for on-the-spot giving. 

Information will also be available for 'Legacy Gift' giving, in addition to other ways of supporting the Foundation.  While dollars are important ... so is time!  Can you volunteer?  Find out how at GEM days.

"The Foundation gratefully thanks Rowland's, Your Independent Grocer, and their staff for their support during these two days!" says Kidson. "It is only through the support of our local businesses and community that we can keep health care close to home."

  Watch for your cashier wearing “GEM” Apparel on GEM days !

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Thursday, April 20, 2017