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April 13, 2017




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To the Editor;

As an “Out of Towner” who’s signature apparently “Didn’t count” I am amazed that the splash park has occurred.!    

My children were raised in Port Elgin in the summers, as was I, learning to Ride the Waves; making sand ponds or their own “Splash park” with “Fresh lake water”. The excitement of creating their own splash pads from the large one in front of them,( The Lake)  the element of surprise on faces when splashing their mom or dad, all adds to the fun of Port Elgin Beach!   

They had to take lessons at the Port Elgin Pool (not an option when I was younger, I learned at the beach) so they KNEW that they had an option to go to Free Swim At Centenial Pool, where there was a rope swing, sliding board, and diving boards.  Did they? NO!! They LOVED swimming at the beach, building sand castles, and not having to stand in lines that may occur to be able to “Splash” their siblings.  

STOP Turning “Port Elgin” beach into a “Commercial” beach.   

A FOREVER Summer resident,

Susan (Chapman) Kroboth

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


To the Editor;

Shameful you published this opinion when a quick call to the town would have cleared it up.  Seems like you're pandering to sensationalism.   This truly is fake news. I believe you have a responsibility as a "news" source to check facts before publishing.  I certainly will read anything from the saugeen times with skepticism going forward.  Please remove or add a footnote with the facts.

Angela Albright

Editor's Note:  People are entitled to their opinions and just to differentiate, there is a difference between a 'Letter to the Editor' and a 'news story'.  It is unfortunate that Trump's 'fake news' rhetoric seems to have traveled north.


To the Editor:

This is a great letter and true.  The only quietude nature spot along our 18 kms beach will be gone.  

Toronto/Feds are adding to Rouge Park so that it is 21 times the size of Central Park N.Y.C. and here we are taking away nature.

SVCA refused to give me an answer as to why the 'ditch' designation was given to a fish spawning stream  (always presented as a stream at Public Sessions) or what the permit would say. So, SVCA are not our 'conservation' authority when a challenge to the Town is called for.

 Jayne Jagelewski understands I have concerns about fish habitat but has refused to respond for the last six weeks with any information.  The Town wishes to silence people asking about sustainability of our environment at this location and yet the 2013 Waterfront Master Plan--Pg. 6 requires them to do just that. 

The WMP has just been killed by this urgency to show Port Elginers that Councilors Rich, Menage, Myatt & Charbonneau are acting. I do not look forward to this 'scar' ruining our little piece of nature. 

I am with G. Snider.

Gord Boyd.


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To the Editor:

Splash pad should have been at the beach!  Taking trees down for something that was not necessary is irresponsible!!

Leslie Mahon.


To the Editor:

Hello, just a quick comment. We live in Port, but cottage in Leamington where they have a splash pad at the beach. When in Leamington, we cottage adjacent to the park with the pad, and we think it is great! Our children are adults now, but we enjoy seeing the young families having a great time and wish it had been there when ours were youngsters.

The splash pad is a huge hit for all in Leamington, and will likely be the same in Port.

Doug Bastien.


To the Editor:

Thank you G. Snider for saying it all.  Well done!

Patricia Galivan.

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