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Do you agree with the demise of the penny


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by getting rid of the penny, most prices will rise as the initial price of an item will be increased so that the tax percentages will be calculated to be more than 2.5 cents, thus the price will be increased up to the nearest nickel. These price increases, although small, have a great effect on most of the low income families thus effect our economy

cause we still call them pennys and thats us and the Americans call them cents and thats them . and nwver the twane . So lets keep the odd thing?

Devaluation of Canadian currency - by any other name.Thanks Harper.

I wonder if eliminating the penny will be another excuse for the cost of living to rise once again. If stores decide to round up prices we will see an increase in everything that we buy.

I'm afraid too many businesses will use this as an excuse to increase their prices, thereby costing me more in the long run.

it is going to cost the consumer more

It is going to turn into a cash grab for businesses as they round up .More profit for them just like the plastic bag fee when plastic bags no longer given gratis. Just how much have businesses that no longer give bags actually donated to charity and to which one(s) as reported they were going to?

It's about time.  And the nickel and dime could disappear too.  Less change in the pocket the better.

Less junk in my pocket.

No .. they should keep the penny .. I guess its now a Toonie for your thoughts .. thanks to the Harris government .. kind of fitting isn't it.

Now we get ripped for a nickel!

Once upon a time a penny saved was a dollar earned, and no more see a penny, pick it up and all the day you'll have good luck.  Good bye to the penny.

Online purchasing and credit card/ debit use is making coinage obsolete. This also saves money!

Price of everything is going to go up.

Providing the merchants don't take it upon themselvs to round up their prices in their businesses


The penny has been in circulation since confederation of our country and before.  $11,00,000 to be saved or will it be spent elsewhere, such as non-essential services the federal government tends to support?

The penny is a royal pain in the .........pocket

waste of copper for a copper

when the cost to produce costs more than the item it is time to stop










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Saturday, February 09, 2013