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Is it time to change or abolish the Senate of Canada

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A Senate reform with the goal of truly offering a "sober second thought" and balancing the Legistaure body we now elect. An elected Senate, not unlike the US body, may yield a more useful and responsible "democracy".


Abolish please however we should get our $$$ back. They have the public trust however some also think they have the right to the public purse.

Abolish the senate.  It is full of selfish people who really do no good for the Canadian public

Abolish this useless and expensive relic.

An elected Senate, 3 from every province & Territory with a 6 year term

But it's time to fix it - it's not right that party leaders can just load it up with their cronies.

But where else would unconvicted criminals go for a quiet sleep?

Change would be good.  We could save a lot of money by cutting down the numbers of people elected.  Also, new rules in the House to STOP the yelling and verbal bullying. They are a disgrace to the Nation, and poor role models to the young.  If I acted like this at any job, I'd be fired!

Change yes, abolish no.

change, not abolish.

DuffyBrazeauWallinHow many others?Bring on the revolution - after this revultion.

Get rid of these suckers of the public purse (Brazeau, Duffy ( who I never thought would do such a thing, Then the LIB one!) These and lots more in public services bleed us all to death!All paths of Governemnt Fed/Prov/Municiple and one can go on.Lets stop it once and for all.

How much longer does the taxpaying public have to endure this almost criminal waste of money. Another legacy of an antique British governing system.

I believe an elected Senate would put the proper checks and balances in place to keep this country from being run like a dictatorship, like it currently is.

If not abolished, then at least elected and only for a short term

It is there for a purpose.  It is the Upper House of Parliament which is to review and approve laws and bills that are passed by the Lower House of Parliament (our elected MP's).  In effect, a second sober look.  However, it should change so that the members are elected rather than the current patronage appointments.

It is time to re think the process and build a working model that would reduce costs in this country. If dropping the penny "saved" us $12 million think what we could save without the senate!

Its like an over the hill gang. No shows and do nothings. A total waste of tax dollars.

Long overdue. Too much money spent on "tradition" and, as usual, there are some who take great advantage.  Who do they really represent?  No vote, no representation.  Nice job if you can get it!!

most certainly, waste of taxpayers dollars and just a slush fund for politicians

N o one should be appointed to an office for that length of time. Some members of the senate have abused their office and should be elimated immediately.

non democratic,conservative and liberal fat cat lazy crooks. Does anyone know what do they do?

Our tax dollars could be better spent on what is really needed.

Scrap it completely

Senators are not elected and I see the senate itself as only a place to which  faithful MP's are promoted with a very bountiful salary. We don't need a group to rubber-stamp laws passed by the house of commons

Serves no useful purpose

Should be elected for the position for a predetermined term then have to be elected for each term there after.

The Senate has and can do some good things, but for the money that goes to support these appointed people, the amount of waste that has pervailed for years and their partisan politics has to go.

The senate is supposed to be the "second sober thought" for legislation passed through the House of Commons.  It should stay however there need to be changes such as an elected senate rather than the appointment method that is in use today which reeks of cronyism.  Also no pay unless 80% attendance.

Their massive pensions should go too!

They serve no purpose.  My perspective is that it is used by all parties to reward former politicians with a soft & cushy job that requires them to do nothing.

Unfortunately our Senators,once chosen for their dedication and service to the Country, appear to be going the way of many politicians nowadays and padding their own pockets has become a priority and a right in their minds.

what do they do ?

With amount of Tax payers money they're throwing away .. YES IT SHOULD BE ABOLISHED! ... and they should be sent packing with out a pension too!

Yes,its time. They don't do any good for the country anyway. Just an old buddy system that sit around and cost us money







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Thursday, March 07, 2013