Capturing the Weather
on March 12-13, 2013


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This bathtub looks to be setting sail on a front yard full of water Tuesday afternoon in Bervie

Water and ice flood this field north of Highway 9, east of Kincardine, Tuesday afternoon

This front yard is full of water and ice Tuesday afternoon, on Highway 9, east of the Armow Road

What a change in weather! Following a spring-like weekend into Monday afternoon, the snow returned Tuesday and by Wednesday, winter had stormed back into the Kincardine area, complete with heavy snowfall, high wind and cold temperatures.

Water and ice flooded fields and front yards Tuesday, but by Wednesday, they were covered in a bright white layer of snow.

This blast of winter is set to remain for the next week or so, with plenty of cold, wind and snow.


Video by Liz Dadson
(Yes, there are droplets of melted snow on the lens - peer through them at the lovely blowing and drifting snow!)




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Wednesday, March 13, 2013