A discovery unearthed at Scubby's Point

First Nations

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The ladies of Saugeen First Nation drum as the sun sets

(L) Band Councilor Theresa Root, Lori Kewaquom & Adrian Kahgee

The recent excavation for the proposed sewer installation on the north side of the Saugeen River in Saugeen Shores revealed an unexpected discovery early in the work.

Archeological site is fenced off as a security measure

On Thursday, town crews uncovered a potential First Nations archeological site when bones were discovered on the north shore of the Saugeen River mouth at what is known locally as 'Scubby's Point'.

When bones were discovered, archeologists were called in to examine the site with its findings and results are still pending.

The mouth of the Saugeen River has a long historical background that includes a battle between the Ojibway and Iroquois peoples and extensive fur trade with the Europeans.

Until results come in, the elders of the First Nations have elected to provide round-the-clock security to ensure that the findings are protected.

Saugeen Band Councilor Theresa Root (L), Lori Kewaquom, Yolande Mitchell and Ron (H.C.) Greywolf take turns at on-site watch

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Saturday, April 03, 2010