Vacation Survey Results April 12, 2010


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The Question

Where will  you spend your vacation this year?

  • Abroad

  • Tour areas of Canada

  • Ontario

  • Stay at Home


Abroad 30.9%
Tour Canada 12.7%
Ontario 36.4%
Stay at Home 20.0%

Here are some of the comments, but not all.

  • Mainly at the cottage, one trip to LA
  • People pay thousands of dollars to come to 'the Bruce! We have so much to explore and experience here. You'd be - crazy to leave!!!
  • Thanks to council ignoring the will of the people (i.e. stop sewers petition) - they have forced me into debt for the  rest of my life. Vacations are now - nothing more than a sewer pipe dream. (Editor note:  This must be a Southampton resident. See Sewer Issue survey Results  )
  • Have been 'staycationing for the past 5 years --- time for a change.
  • We tour the US, Ontario and Bruce County each year.
  • We are going to Manatoulin Island for a week in August.
  • At our age, home is where we want to be.
  • No place like home
  • When one is retired and living in beautiful Southampton every day seems like a holiday. nevertheless winter - does get to us and we spend 2 months in Hilton Head
  • When one is retired and living in -beautiful Southampton every day seems -like a holiday. nevertheless winter - does get to us and we spend 2 months in Hilton Head
  • Why leave a beautiful area with friendly people?  Very restful....
  • As we get hit in July with H.S.T. on all essentials and *SMART METERS* to -further tax another essential WHO CAN GO ANYWHERE ? I'm too busy trying to survive !
  • Ontario and especially Saugeen Shores in the summer time is akin to *paradise*. Why leave? 
  • Just to get as far away as possible from Kincardine.
  • We love touring Ontario but this year we are going to B.C. to visit relatives that we haven't seen in years. We will certainly enjoy our trip thru Northern Ontario.

Bruce County residents show a propensity for travel as the survey results show with 80% opting for travel this year.  That's good news for tourism. 

Will the reverse be true and will tourism in Bruce County be up over last year?



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Monday, April 12, 2010