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Brady gets License

At the young age of 24, Brady Preston is accomplishing everything he sets out to do.

Every since he was little, Preston had dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot and, a year ago, he decided that it was time to learn how to fly.

As he does with everything, Preston researched local flight schools and discovered Blake Evans' school in Kincardine.

"Blake seemed eager to teach and spend time with his students," says Preston, "and he's willing to put in the extra hours to get a potential pilot into the air."  Preston recently completed his first solo flight and is now moving toward his full private license through Evans' flight school.

"I hope to continue and get my private flying license and then my commercial pilot's license so that I can eventually fly jet engine craft."

Preston has always been a high achiever, particularly in maths, and has always had a fascination with making money.  Today, he manages the Preston Capital Fund, a hedge fund but he began trading at 16 when he sold his motocycle and bought corn options.

His success has been based on intensive and exhaustive research and mentoring at the highest level with superstar trader, author and lecturer Larry Williams.


Brady placed third in the World Cup Trading Championships, a competitive arena for futures, forex and stock traders alike. World Cup events are real-time, real-money competitions.

Preston now lives outside Port Elgin with his wife and infant daughter, Abby.  "I'm going to continue flying but another world I want to explore is underwater and so I'm beginning SCUBA diving with Groundhog Divers this year.

You have to try everything you want in life."


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Sunday, March 14, 2010