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On March 31st, 2010, the Ontario Native Education Counselling Association (ONECA) will hold a provincial launch of its report titled,  'Walk In Our Moccasins, A Comprehensive Study of Aboriginal Education Counsellors in Ontario.'

The first-ever research study of its kind in the province explores the definitive role that the Aboriginal education counselor plays in Aboriginal student success. The report will be released at the launch event on March 31st at 11AM in Ottawa, Ontario.

The report contains recommendations that form a vision to build on Aboriginal Student success in the province and will address many of the challenges facing Native students in the education system including the social and mental supports required by Native students in post-secondary institutions. The report confirms that Native students require culturally enhanced and supportive curriculum, a need for parental and community engagement, academic preparedness, social services and Native counselors to advocate and provide guidance.

“This is a positive step toward education reform.  At the core of the study, the report shows the dedication and perseverance of First Nations peoples in the face of inflammatory intellectual based studies that blame First Nations for a lack of student graduation rates,” says ONECA President, Cindy Fisher. She adds, “This study calls all those involved in the education of First Nation students to step up to the mat and make necessary changes, the status quo won’t work.”

Walk In Our Moccasins emphasizes the need to establish a culturally appropriate educational and training Plan for Ontario Native education counselors that will continue to focus on student advocacy, retention, transition and success. ONECA is the longest-running First Nations organization providing culturally appropriate counseling education services and is recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Education as a delivery agent for training. 

The provincial launch will feature several of the highlights of the report by Dr. Pamela Toulouse, the report author and an expert in Aboriginal curriculum. The report will be readily available at the launch and other guest speakers will follow. Media are welcome to attend the launch in Ottawa.

Event Launch Walk in our moccasins report launch
Date Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Time 11 am start, reception to follow 12 to 2 pm
Place Novotel Hotel, 33 Nicholas Street Ottawa

The Ontario Native Education Counselling Association (ONECA) is a not‐for‐profit organization that represents the needs and interests of Native Education Counsellors. There are approximately 154 paid members that belong to ONECA and they come from 11 distinct districts. These areas do include Brantford, Fort Frances, Georgian Bay, James Bay, Kenora, Lakehead, London, Nakina, Peterborough, Sioux Lookout and Sudbury.




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