School Survey Results March 21, 2010


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The Question

What is your opinion of the Bluewater Schools?

  • Excellent overall

  • Good, above average

  • Average in most respects

  • Poor, do not prepare students properly


Excellent overall 19.23%
Good, above average 7.69%
Average in most respects 50.00%
Poor, do not prepare students properly 23.08%

Here are some of the comments, but not all.

  • Decisions are made with little regard for the families and children that they effect, they are based on  monetary or political agendas.
  • Teachers work very hard.....with little or no appreciation....and parents have no idea how rude inconsiderate and lazy- there (SIC) children truly are.......from a- teacher in Kincardine
  • Classroom set up is STUPID!! 5 SK in with 15 Grade 1's and only 5 SK's in  the whole school on that particular day
  • Students are poorly prepared for the workforce/real world in too many aspects.
  • Too many school board issues! Some- retirements/firings are needed at the- higher levels.
  • Why such limited choices on the - survey? The last option should have a positive choice to balance the 'poor'  option. (Editor:  We gave four options:  Excellent, Good, Average and Poor)
  • The schools & teachers themselves are excellent, its the higher ups at the board office level where the major- problems STILL exist today!
  • It all starts at the top! The schools are doing the best they can with weak  board policies. No failure! No zeroes! No attendance required! Wasted $ on board meetings and PD sessions.
  • GC huston seems to be living in the stone age.
  • Teens have enough on their plate with homework part-time jobs and sports- without having 40 hours of forced 'volunteering' to deal with.
  • Schools are not preparing our children adequately for high school. The board still has transparency issues. Our school does not do speeches or science projects.



The Bluewater school board and administration has undergone a tough year dealing with issues such as Rotary Education, plagiarism and lack of transparency.  The readers survey results are not surprising as many parents have concerns about their children's education


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Sunday, March 21, 2010