Sign Survey Results March 14, 2010

Town Council

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The Question: 

What do you think of commercial signage in Saugeen Shores?

  • Excellent overall

  • Good above average

  • Poor, not representative of the community



Excellent overall 8.69%
Good above average 26.09%
Poor, not representative of the community 65.22%

Here are some of the comments, but not all.  Most people just vote and don't comment.

  • The signs on H'way 21 south of Southampton are a disgusting eyesore, both in terms of quality and quantity.

  • Stores should use heritage photos, lighthouses, manufacturing, fishing etc, instead of unrelated posters.  A case in point sunburned people in the windows of the new Rexall.

  • Not enough enforcement.  Sandwich signs on municipal property are the worst.  Too many ignoring existing law.

  • Although it is improving, I hope the community has an overall plan for the look of the main street.

  • The bylaw aims to eradicate perpendicular signs, so you can only see a business from across the road.  It would be nice for people to see signs from a distance.  RIP downtown Port Elgin

  • Set standards are the way to go.  I like the Casual Corners block, but please get rid of the merchandise on the sidewalk.

  • Saugeen Shores is not at all user friendly to new residents or visitors.  Also, present signage is way too small.



  • It does not show the distinctive characteristics of each town.

  • Signage on highway 21 approaching Southampton from Port Elgin --- too many, looks junky.... a poor approach to the town.

  • Too many signs along H'way 21 in Southampton makes the the town look tacky and commercialized instead of clean and inviting.  Remove all signs from road allowances.

  • Signs should meet established quality, theme and aesthetic standards or be replaced.

  • The new neon sign at the Blind Badger looks horrible and clashes with the unique historical look of the area.  It's not Las Vegas

  • Council members involved with a business should not be making bylaws involving signs.

  • There are a number of examples of quality signage across the municipality.  Many businesses have recently made improvements, but a number of tired signs remain and are due for  upgrade

  • The present signage reflects the diverse differences between Port Elgin and Southampton.... LEAVE IT ALONE

  • Let's keep them small and as few as possible.


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