Extreme birdhouses to be
on display at Kincardine
Home and Garden Show

By Mary Ritter

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Becky Grieveson of Bruce Beach checks out some of the Extreme birdhouses, created by John Looser of Belgrave. A sample of these creations will be on display at the Kincardine Home and Garden Show, April 27-28, at the Davidson Centre, Kincardine
photos by Mary Ritter

"Up in the Air" Extreme birdhouse by John Looser of Belgrave

"Little Birdhouses" by John Looser

Birdhouses made by John Looser range in many styles and sizes, but one thing is for certain - they are incredible in their workmanship and extreme in their design.

Looser’s beautiful structures have been recognized as some of the best birdhouses in the world, with many articles supporting his supreme craftsmanship. 

He has been featured on Animal Planet’s “Most Outrageous Pet Digs”, "A-Channel News," "This Old House," "Wild Bird Watching Magazine" and countless woodworking magazines. 

Thousands have visited his home in Belgrave to see just how incredible these monstrous bird mansions really are.

Most of Looser's projects are created using reclaimed wood. A lot of this wood is not only decades old but in many cases centuries old! 

Each birdhouse takes many, many hours and even days or weeks to build. This is a testimonial to the pride Looser takes in creating each and every piece that he completes.

A “small sample” of these Extreme Birdhouses will be on display at the Kincardine Home and Garden Show April 27-28 at the Davidson Centre, Kincardine, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. 

In addition, you may sift through hundreds of photos at the show to help you visualize Looser’s high-quality workmanship.

To view Looser's Extreme birdhouses on-line,  click here.


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Friday, April 19, 2013