Capturing the Weather
on April 15, 2013


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A beautiful, sunny day at the rocky Lake Huron shoreline, Monday morning, at the foot of Harbour Street, looking at the north pier, Kincardine

Spring flowers are blooming in the flag pole garden at the bottom of Harbour Street in Kincardine

Spring has finally arrived in the Kincardine area, Monday morning
video by Liz Dadson

Spring has arrived in the Kincardine area, finally, with beautiful, sunny, warm weather Monday.

The flowers are blooming and it appears as if this great weather may last all week. It's a wonderful change from snow, ice, cold, wind, and power outages!

It's springtime and the crocuses are bright and colourful in the flag pole garden, at the foot of Harbour Street, Kincardine

Crocuses are blooming at the bottom of the flag pole at St. Anthony's School, Kincardine




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Monday, April 15, 2013