Ontario – from Have to Have Not!


by James McKane


May 5, 2013

Op Ed

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I was born in a time when we learned that “every person is equal” – white, black, brown, Catholic, Protestant, Agnostic – “a person is a person”. I was also raised with the understanding that “we the people” are the government.

Well, somehow today neither of these principles exist in Ontario!  Let me explain .....

We live in a time when certain groups are allowed by all levels of authority in Ontario to block highways, railway lines and anything else they choose to with no fear whatsoever of consequences.  We, also, live in a time when our elected government “negotiates agreements”, such as the SON Fishing Agreement and the Algonquin Land Claim, both of which costs Ontario taxpayers hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars, while refusing to allow any input whatsoever from Ontario taxpayers. Democratic governments are elected to carry out the wishes of their constituents. Democratic governments are NOT elected to become dictatorships. Somehow the Ontario Liberal government has forgotten that “we the people” are the government.

On top of all this, we have a province which is teetering on the very edge of bankruptcy! Economists have compared Ontario's economy to that of Greece several years before its complete collapse. We owe almost as much as the State of California whose population is THREE times ours. California knows they are bankrupt; however, for some reason the Ontario government seems to think we are still solvent!

Since the Liberal government came to power $585Million has been spent canceling two power plants to save two Liberal seats in the 2011 election; $1Billion has been spent on the ineffective air-ambulance service Ornge and $1Billion has been spent on E-health which still has not produced an effective electronic health record system in Ontario.

To compound their spending fiascoes, the Ontario government has agreed to pay 82 cents per kilowatt for solar power which they sell for 8 cents. By 2014, Ontario's energy prices will be the highest in North America. Economists predict our electric power bills will triple in the next five to seven years! And just to add insult to injury, the Green Energy Act has removed democracy from the local municipalities with and the taxpayers in those municipalities by over-ruling their rights with respect to the wind turbines.

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Before the NDP government was elected in 1990, Ontario's debt was considered “staggering” at $40Billion!  Ontario's debt has doubled in the last nine years. Every child born today starts life owing $20,000! This year our debt is calculated to top $280Billion. The budget tabled last Thursday shows us adding another $40Billion in the next two years. The interest cost on this debt is now over $10Billion for this year alone making it the third largest government expenditure behind healthcare and education.

It seems, from past experience, that Ontarians have an extremely short memory when they go to the ballot boxes. Ontarians MUST remember these facts when the next Ontario election comes along!


Jim McKane

South Bruce Peninsula

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Sunday, May 05, 2013