Electric vehicle charging station available in Kincardine


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If you own an electric vehicle or you're thinking of getting one, you can now energize your vehicle in Kincardine.

Leader Resources has installed the region's first charging station and is allowing people to “fuel” up for free.

“We're encouraging people to trade in the costly and unhealthy fossil-fuel habit for transportation fueled by clean, renewable wind energy,” says company president Charles Edey.

The Level 2 fast charger is at the Leader Resources office, located at 147 Mahood Johnson Drive.

“All electric vehicle owners are welcome to stop by and plug in," says Edey. "Our new charger is here for the community to use. We hope our commitment to renewable energy will be a catalyst within the community that helps promote others to become involved in this exciting transition to a cleaner environment.”

Appropriately, the new “CS90 - Sun Country Highway” charger was installed on Earth Day and is powered totally by wind power.

“Our office and now some of our transportation needs will be powered by the energy we produce," says Edey, adding that all the power used in the company office comes from Ontario Power Generation (OPG)'s Pickering wind turbine which Edey helped erect in 2002.

“We hope that Ontario sees that all vehicles can be powered by made-in-Ontario clean energy, which is good for the province and the people,” he says.

Along with the new charger, Leader Resource's has added a new Tesla “S” electric sedan to its fleet. This vehicle represents the latest technology in pure electric transportation, and offers a great solution for air and noise pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and peak oil.

“The cost savings are incredible”, says Edey of the 2013 Tesla. “I can drive to Toronto for work, charge the car at my hotel and be back in Kincardine without any stops for fuel - and the cost is no more than $8.”

The Tesla will go for 500 kilometres on a single charge from the 90-amp charger. “There are a lot of options available today, with fully-electric or gas-assisted hybrid options," says Edey. "People can feel comfortable with the extended range.”

The new Tesla joins the fully-electric motorcycle used by Leader's project manager, Bart Lavis. The motorcycle was produced by Zero Electric Motorcycles of Santa Cruz, California.

“I love it," says Lavis. "This motorcycle is a fantastic ride. My wife and I have a pact to try to never buy another vehicle with an internal-combustion engine.”


Bart Lavis (L) and Charles Edey energize their vehicles at the new charging station at the Leader Resources office in Kincardine

Sun Country Highway, which supplied the equipment, is a progressive Canadian-owned company leading the electric-charging movement from coast-to-coast. You can map your trips based on the location of electric vehicle charging stations on-line at www.suncountryhighway.ca

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Saturday, May 04, 2013