Source Water Protection is vital


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For some, this may be an exercise in 'water 101' but, since it is vital to have clean drinking water, perhaps a refresher course is in order.

Our drinking water comes from lakes, rivers, streams or underground sources knows as aquifers.  These, in turn, are connected in a watershed and they can easily become contaminated.

In 2006, the Clean Water Act, was put in place with regulations that established requirements for Source Water Protection Committees.  In Ontario, there are 19 Source Protection Regions (SPR), including the Saugeen, Grey Sauble, Northern Bruce Peninsula Source Protection Region.

The Saugeen Valley Source Protection area falls under the jurisdiction of the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority (SVCA) and contains the third largest watershed in  southwestern Ontario, the Saugeen River that drains into Lake Huron.  In addition, there are also many creeks and lake fringe sourc that also drain directly into the the lake.

The Drinking Water Source Protection aims to keep sources of drinking water safe and usable and the best way to protect water sources is to use  a 'multiple barrier' approach.  This is a proactive approach that takes actions to prevent contamination of sources by using things like adequate water treatment and distribution systems, careful water testing and professional training of water managers.

Water is life.  We have recently seen the devastation on the island of Haiti and the number one concern was, and is, fresh water.  Closer to home, we saw one of the most horrific instances of water contamination that made world news, the Walkerton water crisis.

Yet, here we are on one of the greatest bodies of fresh water that must be preserved at all costs and, still, there are those who don't seem to get it.  Don't seem to realize the jeopardy in which we place the lake when we neglect to come together in an effort to maintain water quality.  What of the future?  What of our grandchildren and their children? Do we play 'russian roulette' with their lives?



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Wednesday, February 17, 2010