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Do you think that Public and Catholic school systems should amalgamate?

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we are one..Religious teachings should be done outside school hours

Absolutely not!  Education choices here are limited enough as it is.

Absolutely not. We need more choice, not less.

Absolutely! Large wasted expenses exists with duplicating  services. Schools could be 'right sized' providing better education and extras.  Grey/Bruce has been regressing with K-12 model. Speak up now before it is too late.

Agree duplication of services

As a Catholic educated person I DO NOT favor their being separate. The catholic system does not produce people any better than those produced by the public education system. The inflated opinion the separate school board has of themselves re graduating better caring, religious people is untrue.

Big waste of money and time to have two boards.

Both boards are top heavy with administration and duplication of services which takes funding away from the students, especially in rural communities, where the funding formal does not support smaller schools.

Can't think of any benefits as we have lost any sense of religions catholic/protestant in the public system to appease certain groups.   

cost of doing business

End this archaic duplication. Denomination is no longer a factor.

Having two systems is redundant. Keep religion in the churches, temples, and mosques.

I don't think there should ever been anything but the Public School Sector.  If people want their children to attend a separate school, then they can pay for it.

I would like to see the Catholic Board retain its religious character, since this is being taken away from us in the public system. I would and have consider sending my kids to the Catholic Board.

In today's pluralistic society, the two school system in Ontario is an archaic remnant from the past. Time to amalgamate and keep religion out of our schools. Religion should be taught at home.

It is fair to only have one school system so there is not only one religion being funded. It would also help keep more rural schools open, since students could be bussed to a small local school instead of further away to Catholic ones, and it would save a lot of money for the duplication in bureaucracy. Definitely the best way to help education in Ontario.

it is not possible with the current laws and charters

It is unfair that the Ministry funds one religious school system. If they continue to fund Catholic schools, they need also to fund protestant Christian schools, Jewish school, Sikh Schools, Hindu Schools and Muslim Schoos.

It just makes sense, or "cents"

It no longer makes economic or ethical sense to have two Boards. We are experiencing a spiritual crisis and it is time to evolve together and find a way to co-exist and flourish individually and collectively. We have outgrown a traditional Western world-view.

It would be more economical to combine the two, but it will never happen

less school building to repair

No doubt duplicate costs, admin , schools bussing routes could be combined.Religious teaching would no doubt be problematic!

No offence to the Catholic Schools, but we should only have ONE publicly funded school system.  That's why its called Public School.  Other religions don't get public funding, why should the Catholic school?

No other faith based schools receive public funding. Why should Catholic system receive special treatment. There should be only one public system.

no, separation of church and state is best. We have enough interference of state affairs by churches as it is.

Not sure what you mean by amalgamate.  I prefer that the Catholic system be private only so we have only one publically funded education system.  Religious education belongs in the home and church, not in the schools.

Nothing wrong with the system as it is now, is there.

one school. one language. no religion.

Parallel systems are too costly and unnecessary...based on a 150 year old Act

religion has been totally taken out of public school system.  we can not afford to publicly support religion in cathlic system

Religion should have no place in the school system.

religoen should be taught at home or at church

Save tax money. One board one set of costs

Sensible, wouldn't you think!

Should never have separated in the first place!

The Catholic School system does NOT comply with the Human Rights Code/Charter Rights. If you want to give up your Charter Rights fine, you should not be able surrender them for your child.  Children are not given a choice but are immersed in this bigotry.

The Catholic Schools integrate their religion in all daily aspects of life.  That would not be allowed in the public system.  Keep them separate - let the parents choose.

The Catholic System is far superior and if amalgamated, there goes all the teaching of religion in school. We need this for our children and grandchildren or this will be a society run by the 3rd world countries

The Catholic system operates a successful education system: operating in the black, resolving issues and offering strong support and a mainly quality curriculum to students.  The public system does not.  The public system also shows no religious tolerance.  How would the Catholic system benefit under an amalgamation?

The Catholic system should be privately funded, just like any other that is not public.

The public board would suck the life out of the catholic board.  Leave well enough alone.  Let the public board figure out their own mess.

The quality of education would be reduced as Catholic schools have more structure in the classroom teaching.

The right to a Catholic Education is a matter of Legislation

there is so much education money wasted on the duplication of Board Offices and personnel and school buildings.

there really should be no difference...just get on with education

There should be one school system. the Catholic school system should be abolished.

There should be only one school system funded by the taxpayers of Ontario. If other religious based schools are denied funding, why should the Catholic system receive it?

there should only be one system

They are totally different in so many ways.

This is a question regarding our constitutional heritage (in Ontario). There may be redundancies, but we stick to our Constitution and it might be good for people to read into our province's history once and a while. Find so-called "cuts" else where, please.

Two systems are a waste of tax-payers money. Religious teaching should take place in the home and in the church, mosque, or synagogue, not in publicly funded schools.

We could save $1 to $2 billion dollars a year!  Even if the province invested only half of this saving into education - just imagine the benefits to children! 

We need to finally see some equality in the education system.  Maybe we will see better management of the money going to schools with one system.

Would save a lot of money and hopefully the resources would be equally shared.  Take a close look at the physical state of Catholic schools and their technological resources.  Much better. Why is that?

Yes Amalgamate but only under the Public School system. Take the Catholic Church and all religion out of education. Religions should teach their own faith in their Church, Synagogue, Mosque, etc, or specialty school not support by tax dollars!

Yes ONLY if there is to be significant synergistic saving$.

Yes without a doubt.








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Thursday, May 16, 2013