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"On Tuesday, a catastrophic earthquake struck near Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The full extent of the damage is still being assessed, but the death toll -- already in the thousands -- is climbing fast.  This is the worst earthquake to hit the area in more than 200 years. Entire communities have been ripped apart and as many as 3 million people have been directly affected, including tens of thousands of American citizens who are in Haiti." 

These are the words of President Obama.

There are many Canadians who are in Haiti, and were on the island at the time the earthquake struck, that are still are.

Some of those Canadians are people from Bruce-Grey-Huron Counties.

According to one local Bruce County source, "It (Haiti) is a sea of humanity with nowhere to go".

While we, in Canada and North America in general, complain about our governments and our taxes and our health care systems, we have no concept of reality when it comes to abject and total poverty.  The Saugeen Times has been in contact with those who have been, and are still now in Haiti on medical and humanitarian missions.

According to one source, whose family member is still in Haiti on a mission, "People have no idea of the poverty we are talking about.  The poorest of our poor in Canada are wealthy beyond description when compared to the people in Haiti. These [Haitians] are human beings and no one should have to live the way that they do."

This is a tragedy that, for most of us, is beyond our comprehension and cannot be compared to anything, political or otherwise, that we live with here in the northern hemisphere.  For anyone to even remotely compare the horrific circumstances of the Haiti earthquake to our political clime here in Canada, is to compare oranges to elephants.

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Friday, January 15, 2010