Sewer Survey Results

Town Council

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Thank you all for responding to the survey.  We appreciate your attention to the issue.  We will be running more surveys on other topics in the future.

The survey ran over the last few weeks concerning the proposed sewer implementation on the north side of the Saugeen River.  We asked a simple question that required only a yes or no answer.  That is, are you for sewers on the north shore of the Saugeen River? We also asked if the respondent lived inside or outside the area to be served by sewers.

Please note the survey removed all multiple votes by the same responder. .

Overall Results


Yes for sewers 64.69%
No, not for sewers 32.71%
No Opinion 2.60%
Total 100.00%

Results by Reported Region excluding no opionions

No, I live inside the affected area. 30.15%
No, I live outside of the affected area.   3.44%
Yes, I live inside the affected area. 21.37%
Yes, I live outside of the affected area. 45.04%
Total 100.00%


In the second column please read some of the representative comments of responders. 


  • It's an environmental issue
  • How dare council spend my money on something I don't need!
  • Do it when the funds are available.
  • I think sewer and water should be throughout.
  • Poorly planned, poorly executed, poor job council and staff.
  • I think it's up to the people in the affected area to decide.
  • No, shameless money grab by Council
  • If not put in now with the $$, we will be responsible for the full amt.
  • It's about time they did this too many without proper tanks.
  • Environment trumps other side issues.
  • Absolutely necessary!  Get the job done while some monies are available.
  • Unknown cost have new system
  • Too costly for seniors ....
  • Town council is - populated by - incredible & - ignorant blockheads
  • Environment, official plan.... pay now or a lot more later
  • Not needed and too expensive
  • This is the only environmentally responsible course of action...
  • Make it happen while we have the money... too many leaking systems
  • It is the sensible thing to do
  • The wishes of the people ...Town Hall meetings seem to be ignored.
  • $17 million for less than 500 properties....
  • Ultimately it will be better for the environment.
  • Think longer term - Properties with sewers have a higher market.
  • Time to upgrade that area to sewers
  • Yes, should do it before there is no money...
  • Sewers are a waste of money
  • Large homes, high water consumption year round.
  • Upgrade the few that have a problem.
  • It's good for the environment and our property.
  • I have always been in favour of the sewers going in...
  • Of course it will have to be done sooner or later.
  • Let's just do it to protect our future and the property values.
  • Seems that it's all about development
  • Retired, so I only live in my home six months a year.  Too expensive
  • Waste Water  Treatment Plants are regulated by the MOE
  • Should be made big enough to extend to the SFN
  • Just a matter of time until septics along the Lake are prohibited.
  • Bring it on, we need to protect our future
  • No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • We have the money for the project --- go ahead
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010