Transportation Survey Results February 14, 2010


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The Question: 

Do you want Public Transportation in Saugeen Shores?

Overall Results

No 22%
Yes 75%
No Opinion 3%

Broken Down by region:

No Southampton 14%
No Port Elgin 9%
Yes Port Elgin 38%
Yes Southampton 39%



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Some of the comments:

The representative Yes side

  • I feel that public transportation should- be available to anyone who wants to use it.

  • We need a transportation system that - links our two towns. Ideal users - would be disabled seniors and our - youth.

  • I live on the CAW road and would use transportation to go into Town as we have only one car.

  • I completely support public transportation for seniors, the disabled or those with mobility concerns.

  • As a handicapped person, I consider this of primary importance.  I'm 72 and no longer drive.

  • This will save the environment and will assist those that do not drive or do not have a car.

  • Being a retirement destination along with longer life spans, this is essential as boomers age.

  • It's attractive to to aging people, if we get started on this now perhaps it will be in place before we need it.

  • When town planning took place, did anyone think of seniors and their lack of mobility?

  • I live near WalMart... but winter travel is severely limited.

  • Use school buses 3 times/week. M-W-F - Pick up and drop off 3 times on those - days. More money for the school bus - companies and a great service for our - seniors.

  • I would gladly take a bus to Port Elgin- for work each day. I work 9 to 5; M-F. I- know many people who would take a bus- between Port and South.

  • I have no need for it but I know many - elders who do. They can't afford taxis - all the time. We need to take care of - them.

  • We definitely need affordable transportation in Saugeen Shores

  • Public transportation is long overdue in- our area. The benefits are endless to- everyone one more step in combining our- communities into one.


    The representative No side


  • Enough Taxi businesses to provide this - service. Don't ask me to subsidize - this service I'm already subsidizing - enough 'welfare bums'!

  • Taxis already provide good service for - those who need it without adding to - everyone's tax burden.

  • If the Town is already considering a - raise in taxes public transit could - cost the taxpayer even more.

  • Costs would be prohibitive and would - never supply service to satisfy all. - Keep good Taxi services.


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Sunday, February 14, 2010