Sobeys garden centre
offers great variety and value

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Stop in at Sobeys Kincardine for some fabulous ferns, flowers and garden decor

Sobeys Kincardine's garden centre has a great variety of flowers and plants at a great price

Check out the HGTV Home Plant Collection at Sobeys Kincardine

The weather is warming up for a second time, and it feels as if spring is finally upon us, so stop in at Sobeys Kincardine where you'll find a great variety of plants and flowers at a great price!

Check out the fabulous HGTV Home Plant Collection, as well as some beautiful ferns, hanging baskets, containers, planters, vegetable plants, shrubs and more. 

Hanging baskets are value-priced at $9.99 each.

Sobeys Kincardine, east of Highway 21, on Durham Street, call 519-395-0022.

HGTV containers and planters, available at Sobeys Kincardine



Colourful hanging baskets

Tomato plants

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Sunday, May 26, 2013