Don and Maureen Weber are
married 70 years; he turns 90

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Don and Maureen Weber of RR 2, Tiverton celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary June 2
photos by Herb Paetzold

Don and Maureen Weber of RR 2, Tiverton have just celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary, and a week ago, he marked his 90th birthday.

He was born May 26, 1923, in Kitchener. The couple was married in Waterloo on June 2, 1943.

Don says he feels as if he just met his lovely wife yesterday.

"She just lived around the corner from me in Waterloo," he recalls. "I remember sitting with my buddies and pointing at her, and saying 'She's mine'."

Maureen just laughs at the memory.

So, how do you stay married for 70 years?

"It's a lot of 'Yes, dears'," jokes Don. "That's the secret."

Don Weber celebrated his 90th birthday May 26 at the Lord Elgin Restaurant in Port Elgin 

But seriously, he says that he and Maureen enjoy doing things together and there's no place they'd rather be, than together.

The couple celebrated these two special occasions at the the  Lord Elgin Restaurant in Port Elgin. In attendance for dinner were Rev. Jim and Margaret Weir of Tiverton, Tabatha and Michael McGuigan of Kincardine and Herb and Peggy Paetzold of Tiverton.

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Wednesday, June 05, 2013