It's happening close to home ... is it yours?


June 11, 2013


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Despite reports of recent internet bullying and resulting suicides by teenagers, lessons still appear to have not been learned.

When we hear the stories on the news about these situations, they appear to be distant ... that they could never happen here, wherever 'here' is.

Now, however, close to home we have a problem.

According to Saugeen Shores Police Chief, Dan Rivett,  "There is a recent dramatic spike in young people taking pictures of themselves naked and sending them to those they are in a relationship with."

What is especially hard to believe is that some of these kids exchanging pictures are elementary school age.  Given the educational information that is out there, do these kids not know what is happening? 

Once a picture is sent out, or posted on-line, you CANNOT get it back.  It will float out there in cyberspace for ... who knows how long?  Definitely long past an elementary school  'romance'.

There are many people out there preying on youth.  They continually search the internet for these photos.  To the kids ... do you want some creep looking at your photo that you thought was private?

To the parents, protect yourself and your kids and have long talks about this activity.

According to Chief Rivett, "Don't put computers in your child's bedroom, check their phones for inappropriate photos and delete them."

Set your child’s moral compass early ... there are SO many ways for them to be steered, they need your guidance.

Think it's always someone else's kids?  Think it's happening somewhere else?  Think again ... it's happening close to home ... make sure it isn't yours.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013