24 hours of silence is harder than it seems
By Rebecca Dadson


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Amanda P. Smith takes the vow of silence

The following is an article written by a teen who took the 24-hour 'Vow of Silence.

I joined more than 100 other students at Kincardine District Secondary School Friday, Nov. 20, in a Free the Children fund-raiser, called the Vow of Silence. Our challenge was to collect pledges before the day of the event and then be silent for 24 hours.

Being silent not only meant not speaking, participants were not allowed to use MSN, Facebook, E-mail, sign language or note-writing to communicate.

When I heard the announcement that this event was taking place, I immediately turned to my friend and said “Quiet for a day? How hard could it be?” Boy, did I ever find out.

The first eight hours or so weren’t too bad. It’s easy to be silent when you’re sleeping.

School was a different story. Although there were many students taking part in this challenge, there were many others who had not taken the vow. They devoted much of the school day trying to make us talk. I didn't notice a single teacher complaining about the silent atmosphere in the classroom, though.

In spite of much heckling from my family members, I finished the 24-hour Vow of Silence. Although it was really tempting to talk many times, I knew the money I raised was going to a good cause, so I was loud, proud, and silent. Thank you to all who made a pledge to one of the students involved in this event. With your help, our school raised more than $1,400, toward programs that assist people who are silenced by poverty, war and oppression.

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Monday, November 23, 2009