New owners of Southampton's Mac's Convenience Store


June 23 2013

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(L-R) Amandeep Lamba, Harsimran Rajput and her parents, Harcharan and mother, Amarjeet

A new young couple, with the support of parents, have become the proud owners of Mac's Convenience Store in Southampton.

Amandeep Lamba (L) & Harsimran Rajput

The young newlyweds from Brampton had been looking for a business in a smaller community when they discovered Southampton. 

"We knew when we saw it that we wanted to live here," says Harsimran.  "The friendliness and warmth of the people has been wonderful.  We also wanted a place that was close to a beach and Southampton meets everything we wanted."

Lamba has an MBA from the U.K. and Rajput a degree from York University in Human Resources and Business Management.

The couple is currently renting a cottage and Rajput has had her family staying with them to help them get started with the new business endeavour. 

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Sunday, June 23, 2013