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Have you or any member of your immediate family ever had cancer?

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Breast cancer but was detected early through regular checkups (mammogram) thanks to Ontario breast Screening program!

breast/lung cancer  female age 61


Cancer runs on the paternal side of our family. My father died of a brain tumor, grandma skin & bowel, and my aunt of bowel. Cancer does not pick and choose it happens.....

Father....brain cancer

four years of clear scans already.  One to go!

Husband's grandfather -lung, father-in-law -lukemia , husband malignant melanoma and prostate, husband's aunt breast and bone, brother-in-law - brain, cousin -colon, cousin - four types, and nephew testicular    Only two out of this group are still living.  Most died young leaving young families.

I have two brothers and two sisters .. all have had cancer, one sister passed away 5 years ago.  As well as an Aunt, Uncle (both sides of the family, both passed) and a niece who just passed away with Cancer.

Lucky so far!

mother, metastatic melanoma

My father and his mother.My step-sister and brother-in-law have all died from different forms of cancer.Stomach, melanoma, breast and intestinal.Terrible, horrible disease.

My Father had Cancer of the Stomach was given 2 months but lost his battle in 2 years.  Also my husband had prostrate cancer this started in 1999 and blatter cancer and has won the battle so far.

my sister, my dad, my mother in law

My son died of lung cancer at 32. My daughter in law died of breast cancer at 30. Cancer is slowly being conquered  in some areas but still a long way to go in finding a cure in many other types of cancer.

Myself,  Husband,  Son.  Brother, Mother

myself....early breast cancer diagnosis,NO family history.  Wonderful care by family Dr.here, surgeon in Owen Sound & final stage 6 wks of radiation in London.  Been free 7 years now !!!GET THOSE MAMOGRAMS, Ladies !!!!

Not myself but an aunt, my mother and my mother-in-law.

Soon I will be entering my 6th year of Chemo Treatments and many appointments! The most important part of my journey is that I have not lost my sense of humor and treat everyday as a different experience. Remaining positive and having a supportive posse around me has made all the difference.

Three of our four parents died from cancer. Ages 60, 66, and 78. Judy L.

Yes, both my husband(melanoma cancer) and now my Mom (first stage lung cancer)










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Tuesday, June 25, 2013