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July 18, 2013

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Neighbours work together on creating a low-maintenance and low water garden

Dry river-rock beds and native plantings eliminate watering

Next door neighbours, Marilyn and Kevin Knechtel, have joined the 'xeriscape' plan

Unless you have small children who want to play on the grass and, because water is at a premium with low lake levels and lack of rain, lawns have become a waste of time, energy and water.

Margie Sovie

Margie Sovie designed her 'xeriscape' gardens based on low maintenance and low water usage.  Both her front and back yards are landscaped with ground coverage, native grasses and river rock.

"I watched the water run off our downspout," she said, "and saw the pattern it took and then created a dry river-bed of rock that would follow the water pattern."

Sovie and her husband, David, used river rock and native plants that require little to no water to create a landscape of greenery.

A shade pergola built by David Sovie

A shade pergola and water fountain create a restful shady spot where breezes waft through.

Neighbours, Marilyn and Kevin Knechtel, joined Margie Sovie's idea of low maintenance and water requirements.

"Our front yard was all grass," said Kevin Knechtel, "until we were invaded by grubs.  We talked to Margie (Sovie) and asked her to go ahead and re-landscape our yard.  Now, we don't have any maintenance and it requires almost no water."

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Ground covers

Ground covers and sun-tolerant plantings reduce the need for water and almost eliminates weeding.


Today, Sovie offers her perennial plants for sale at a minimal cost and will offer her expertise on planting.

The Sovie yard is located on Sunset Blvd [the south end of Bruce St. in Port Elgin, turn left and the gardens are on the left.]

We are running out of water ... Lake Huron is the lowest in recorded history ... temperatures are the highest ... water lawns >>> why when you can have a beautiful 'xeriscape' garden??

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Thursday, July 18, 2013