Go out and commit your own random act of kindness
By Liz Dadson


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There's always lots of interesting tidbits to be heard and discussed at the local coffee shop.

But this week, the coffee shop, itself, became the subject of discussion as one philanthropist after another slapped down $860 each to purchase cups of coffee for the next 500 customers.

The random acts of kindness - or "paying it forward" - began Monday when a young man paid for 500 large cups of coffee at a Tim Hortons in Edmonton.

The idea, apparently, caught on, and four more similar incidents happened - in Red Deer, Alberta; Calgary, and Ottawa, and again in Edmonton.

A Tim Hortons spokesman said people often purchase coffee for others, but not to this magnitude.

Friday, in London, a mystery man walked into a Tim Hortons and paid for 500 coffees for many surprised customers. The coffee shop owner/operator said the man said he wanted to 'pay it forward'.

This marked the 12th time in a week that someone had done this, and the one common denominator was the smiles it brought to the faces of those who received the free coffee.

Given the world of negativity we see every day, this out-pouring of goodness is a refreshing change.

There's nothing like paying for someone's lunch or his groceries or his cup of coffee - it gives a lift to the giver and the recipient.

What a wonderful world it would be if more people committed random acts of kindness instead of thinking up ways to rip off their fellow man.

Speaking of a rip-off, how about that Senate? But alas, that's another editorial.


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Saturday, July 27, 2013