Barbecue at Sobeys Kincardine raises $400 for Pet Rescue
By Liz Dadson

The Pet Page

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Gathering around "Cash" and "June," at the Adopt-a-Pet/Pet Rescue barbecue, held Friday at Sobeys Kincardine, are Crystal Fitzpatrick (L), Jen Peters and Kortney Watson of Areva, Kathie Newell-Nicholson of Adopt-a-Pet/Pet Rescue, and foster mom Kim Ledingham of Hanover

A barbecue in support of Adopt-a-Pet/Pet Rescue in Lucknow, was held Friday at Sobeys Kincardine, raising $400 to help pay the vet bills for the rescued animals.

Founder/president Kathi Newell-Nicholson appreciated the volunteers and helpers, some from Areva, and friends and family who assisted at the event.

The money will go toward vet bills that have reached $7,500 over the past three months, she said.

Newell-Nicholson said there are 39 dogs, 35 cats and two kittens available for adoption at the shelter in Lucknow.

For more information, contact her at 519-528-3045 after 
6 p.m. or E-mail: petrescue@hurontel.on.ca or visit the website at: www.adoptapet.lucknow.on.ca


Kim Ledingham (R) of Hanover, a foster mom with Adopt-a-Pet/Pet Rescue, serves a customer at the barbecue held Friday at Sobeys Kincardine

Gini (L) and John Newell barbecue hot dogs at the fund-raising event in support of Adopt-a-Pet/Pet Rescue, Friday at Sobeys Kincardine

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Saturday, July 20, 2013