Windy, storm clouds, brief shower Friday in Kincardine area
By Liz Dadson


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Wild storm cloud formation spotted along Highway 21, just south of Tiverton, Friday afternoon
photos by Mary Faubert

Meanwhile, in Kincardine, a stormy sky builds over Lake Huron, as seen from the bottom of Harbour Street looking southwest across both the north and south piers in Kincardine Harbour, Friday afternoon

Strong wind blows the Canadian flag at the bottom of Harbour Street, Kincardine

Storm clouds over Lakeside, along Highway 21, south of Highway 9, Kincardine, just after a deluge of rain hit Friday afternoon

The storm clouds move east of Highways 9 and 21, Kincardine

Clear sky looking west of Highways 9 and 21, Kincardine

Strange weather hit the Kincardine area Friday afternoon.

Fierce winds blew for most of the day, followed by the formation of huge storm clouds over the lake which then blew inland, bringing a brief downpour at about 3:45 p.m.

The storm continued to move inland, bringing cooler air and, finally, reduced humidity after a week of scorching hot, hazy and humid conditions.


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Saturday, July 20, 2013