A special personality brings joy to others


September 3, 2013


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It takes a very special personality, patience and kindness to be ... a therapy dog, and 'Trevor has them all in spades.

This gentle giant English Retriever goes into seniors' retirement homes, hospitals and nursing homes and brings that indefinable spark that makes those living in those facilities feel better.

Gord Shular with 'Trevor'

At five years old, 'Trevor' just graduated in the spring from his special training.  It all began when owner, Louise Saddington's father was ill in a Kitchener hospital and they were told that 'Trevor' was not allowed to visit.  It was then that the decision was made to give 'Trevor' the special training and certification as a 'Therapy Dog' so that he could visit those in hospital.

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Now, 'Trevor' is in need of care due to a thyroid condition that means his food has to be monitored.

While he's a 'Therapy' dog, he may also soon become a 'reading' dog and work with young elementary school students by giving them the confidence to read aloud in class.

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