Texting and Driving

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The Question

Should texting and driving be treated the same as drinking and driving?

Yes or No








*Please note we remove duplicate votes from the same source.  Computers keep track of that type of thing easily.  It's a waste of time voting more than once.  If you have a  longer comment than 400 characters, Please email us with your extended comment..

In this survey there were an inordinate number of multiple votes with a comment that indicated anger and/or frustration.  We counted only one vote whether No or Yes. 

 Multiple voting .... hmmmm.  You can express your opinion easily in the comments without trying to influence the vote one way or another.  Most people just vote and don't comment.


They both will kill!

Yes it should .. you wouldn't believe the number of "professional" people that are doing this in our community.  If they could only see how they're actually driving, they would be Shocked to say the least!

Yes, definitely!!  You take your eyes off the road to read or text and aren't paying attention.  Someone almost hit us on the highway texting!!

YES, YES, YES!  I have been rear-ended by a texting driver.  I even saw a young town employee texting while driving one of our town pickup trucks this summer. Drivers only think they can safely multi-task!

 YES! Doing anything else but driving impairs one's ability to drive.

Children, joggers and bikers are particularly at risk












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Friday, September 13, 2013